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4 Fantastic Projects for New Bandsaw Sawmill Owners

Maybe you’ve just unboxed your new bandsaw sawmill. Or perhaps you’ve had it set up for a few days now. Either way, you’re champing at the bit to get started and transform logs into stunning creations. It’s good to be excited, but setting yourself up for success and learning as you go are essential.

As a new sawyer, you’ll want to start with projects that align with your skill level. You can find many great beginning projects to try without getting in over your head or above your skill level.

This article will cover several different types of projects that can each serve as an excellent starting point for new woodworkers. Read through each item on this list and identify the one that might work best for you.

Mill Brand New Shelving

Have you thought about using your new bandsaw sawmill to mill boards for shelves? This may be the best first project for new sawyers because it highlights the importance of solid fundamentals. It’s an excellent opportunity to focus on properly operating your bandsaw. You can produce the clean cuts necessary to achieve stunning woodworking results.

Shelving is a terrific place to begin your journey as a sawyer. This project gives you options for proudly featuring your cuts. You can purchase shelf brackets online or at your local home improvement store. Then, simply mount your new shelving boards. Or you can build a standalone piece of furniture—like a bookshelf—with the lumber you’ve milled.

Create Live Edge Tables

Some would say that building sturdy, level tables is a craft all its own. But don’t let that dissuade you from giving it a try with your bandsaw sawmill. Seize every learning opportunity you can. Soon, you’ll be creating tables perfect for hosting holidays with family and friends.

Try using a live edge slab as a tabletop. It’s a surefire way to create a functional piece of practical, eye-catching furniture. If you go this route, keep in mind that starting small is best. Try starting with a compact end table. As you learn the vital elements of table-building, you can experiment with a coffee table, and so on.

Produce Fencing Boards with Your Bandsaw Sawmill

In many cases, people who choose to invest in portable bandsaw sawmills do so, at least in part, due to rising lumber prices. Plenty of folks simply find it cost-prohibitive to purchase lumber for larger projects, especially if they have access to wood on their own properties.

That’s why a bandsaw sawmill is the best way to get the boards and posts you need to build or revitalize a fence. For smaller fences, you can even get creative and use logs with a specific grain pattern. You can aesthetically enhance your home, cabin, or wherever you’re installing the new fence.

Portable Bandsaw Sawmills Are Perfect for Making Garden Boxes

Gardening is one of the most enjoyable and productive ways to immerse yourself in nature. Try building your own garden boxes with a bandsaw sawmill. You can put more of yourself into this endeavor and enjoy the pride of growing your own food.

Garden boxes are relatively simple to build. That makes them a good way to start building with your own lumber. Plus, the ability to be particular about the lumber you use means you can create garden boxes that reflect your personal taste.

Custom Boxes – A Powerful Tool For Marketing

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