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20 Problems Students Usually Face While Writing Assignment


Let us face it in a way that academic assignment writing can not be as easy as strolling around a city on a fine morning. Here are the 20 most common problems that students usually face when assignment writing. We have enlisted twenty reasons that a student will usually face while writing an assignment.  One can check them out and see how you can get over such problems. You can even improve such writing skills.


1.     A Thesis Statement Can Be Irrelevant

Even with the help of an online assignment writing service. a thesis statement will govern the flow of their academic assignment. here you may even talk to your professor. If you think you are not able to write a well-defined thesis statement.

2.     Not Having Enough Pieces Of Evidence

In case of any complicated topics, students will find it hard to gather such relevant pieces of evidence for a topic. One can check out all the primary as well as secondary sources to gather complex data for all the topics.

3.     Improper Structures

Your professor would expect you to follow the right type of structure in every assignment. you can talk to them if you don’t know about the structure. Also, the guidelines are set by your university or school.

4.     Bogus Introduction                              

At different times students can get confused about what to include. Or what to avoid in the introduction. At last, they will end up writing a poor opening of any paragraph or assignment. So, they should mention the most important points in every section.

5.     Not Knowing the Right Kind Of Audience

Many times students will find it hard to write an assignment because they are not aware of the target audience. You can unpack assignment topics to figure out who you are writing for.

6.     Weak Analysis Of The Topic

With assignments, writing can get much more complicated if you don’t know how to develop strong analytical skills. You can read as many books as you want to hone your skills with time.

7.     Make Use Of Unfamiliar Words

Using wrong or inappropriate words can disrupt the meaning of your every sentence. You need to use an online spell checker even before using unfamiliar words.

8.     Using Many Commas

Using so many commas can be a great problem that students face here. Even with an online assignment writing service. They can take one special online course. And to learn about the right use of commas as well as other punctuation marks.

9.     Unclear Conclusion

We often ignore or misuse our conclusion. Which is the most important aspect and can leave a bad impression on the reader. So, you have to make sure you explain all the significance as well as research findings carefully in the conclusion section. And make it clear and understandable.

10. The Time Management

You could have to deal with various academic tasks at once. Along with how you get to complete them with strict deadlines. Writing assignments in a busy or packed schedule can never be easy. Here you can even try creating timetables. And setting up priorities to solve such issues.

11. Fear Of Getting Failed

Many times students are unable to write their assignments due to fear of getting failed. Thus, to solve such issues they can take help from online assignment writing services. But you have to understand that downsides are very common in every phase of life. You should work on your flaws and weak points. And level up your writing skills. Because living in the fear of getting failed can be worse than actually going after something.

12. Not Adding Proper Citations

Citations play an important role. They are used to cite the work that you have used from any person or research journals. But it can be confusing as well as time-consuming. You have to own the involvement of various factors, formats as well as guidelines. Here you need to practice your citations regularly.

13. Using Awkward Sentence Constructions

Bundles of students especially international ones will find it hard to frame these logical sentences, especially while working on assignments. In such cases, they will opt for affordable assignment writers. Because they believe they can’t do it on their own. It can also help them break these sentences into shorter ones for the clarity of the work.

14. Generalizations

General statements will cause the reader to question their sense of any judgment. Once they opt for these general statements they will have to prove their claim or arguments and make them true.

15. Using Passive Voice

Using the right amount of passive voice in any academic assignment can be a major issue for students. They have to practice writing in any kind of active voice. It can be a personal journal or a research paper. You have to make one point to use any active voice.

16. There Has To Be No Connection Between Evidence & Claim

There are different points where you will find it hard to prove how your evidence will support your claim. Here you can build one bridge between your evidence and your claim using examples, facts, statistics, etc. also how you can work upon proving your pieces of evidence as well as supporting claims.

17. Plagiarism

Plagiarism plays an important role and you need to remember that assignment is not a child’s play. Even if you have written your assignment on your own still it can show up to five percent plagiarized. So, you need to reduce plagiarism as much as you can. Having a large degree of similarity index can cause many legal troubles for you. So, try to use quotes, and citations wherever you think it is necessary. All of this will help you avoid penalties due to plagiarism.

18. Not Having Organizational Skills

The organization is really necessary for every assignment. You can even find it hard to organize your paper and start writing without using a plan. Here you have to create an outline to place your arguments in the right kind of order. When you organize your work only then you will have a clear understanding of whatever you are writing.

19. Don’t Use Lame Titles

Many students can work on the same topic at the same time. But it is the title name that will create a unique impact. And it will help you stand out from the rest. You have to remember that an ideal title will attract your readers. And it is consist of three elements like catchy language, your topic, as well as your claim.

20. Different Aspects

It can never be easy to explain as well as support three different arguments at once. That’s the reason many students will head towards professional assignment writers to help them with this. But it is not impossible either. You can make a note of the points that you have already covered. And here you need to make sure that you don’t repeat them ever.


All these problems that we have explained in greater detail are very common among students at any educational level. So, instead of panicking about it, you can take help from the right people. When you are unable to write your assignment there’s nothing wrong with getting help from online assignment writing services. They are designed to help you with every kind of task.

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