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10 Major DevOps Challenges and How to Overcome Them

DevOps has become an increasingly crucial aspect of managing IT and software operations, but it’s not without its share of challenges and obstacles that can make it difficult to implement DevOps in any organization. In fact, there are more than 10 major DevOps challenges that many companies face when implementing DevOps in their daily workflow, which I will detail below with some tips on overcoming them. Here are 10 major DevOps challenges and how to overcome them.

Here Are the Major DevOps Challenges in 2023

1. Lack of Communication and Collaboration

Lack of communication and collaboration are the root of many of the challenges that organizations face with DevOps. Communication can be a challenge when there is a lack of culture change in an organization, or because people are not willing to talk about their failures. Collaboration can be difficult when team members don’t feel like they have the authority or knowledge base to contribute or help.

2. Lack of Automation

Lack of Automation is one of the top challenges in any organization’s DevOps journey. A major reason for this is that many organizations are still manually configuring servers, deploying applications, and managing environments. With so many manual operations, it’s difficult to provide the agility required by today’s customers.

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3. Inefficient Use of Resources

Inefficiencies in resource allocation can have a huge impact on your business. Resources are limited, and if they’re not being allocated efficiently, then you’re wasting precious resources that could be put to better use elsewhere. Here are a few simple strategies for improving resource allocation: 

  • Get rid of unused products by taking inventory of what you have available and making sure it’s all getting used. 
  • Make sure there are enough people working on each project so that tasks are completed in an efficient manner. If someone is overloaded, see if you can help with some of their workload or reassign them to another project temporarily.
  • Do some research into best practices for how others in your industry allocate resources to make sure that the way you do it is the most effective possible strategy. 
  • Consider hiring more staff or outsourcing when necessary to ensure efficiency in resource allocation throughout the company.

4. Lack of Documentation

One of the major challenges of implementing a DevOps strategy is the lack of documentation. A company may not have records for their current infrastructure, or the documentation may be outdated due to frequent updates. This can make it difficult to get everything up and running quickly because there’s no way of knowing what you should be doing.

If you know where the documentation is, then this is an easy issue to overcome. If you don’t know where it is, then contact your IT department. And see if they have any clues as to where it might be located. You could also ask other people in your organization who might have seen it recently.

5. Too much focus on tools

Too much focus on tools can be detrimental. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up spending all your time tweaking your deployment pipeline rather than actually building a product that people want to buy. Use the right tools for the right job, but don’t get so hung up on them that they become a distraction. Focus on solving the problem first and then see what tools are available to help solve it.

6. Lack of Standardization

One of the biggest challenges in DevOps is the lack of standardized tools. There are plenty of good tools out there, but none that are perfect for every team. This can make it difficult for teams to adopt and stick with a single tool suite. Plus, without standards, it’s hard to collaborate on solutions with other teams who might be using different toolsets. 

To get around this, we recommend finding ways to standardize your processes within your own organization so you have a consistent set of tools and templates across teams. You’ll find this will go a long way towards making life easier for all your devs, ops engineers, testers and business users.

7. Security Concerns

Security Concerns are a big concern in the age of internet. A simple username/password combination can be stolen and lead to theft of intellectual property, financial information, or other sensitive data. The best way to address security concerns is by using multi-factor authentication, which requires one more step than just a username and password in order to login; it could be an SMS text message, an app on your smartphone, or even just having a hardware key with you. 

There are also some great tools for monitoring traffic and ensuring that all activity is legitimate. Here at BoxC, we have implemented these practices across our business to ensure that we remain secure from outside threats while also maintaining our focus on productivity.

8. Compliance Issues

Compliance Issues are a big challenge for organizations. Most organizations have strict regulations about what data can be collected, who it can be shared with, how long it must be retained, and how it can be used. Compliance is often referred to as the hidden cost of doing business, because many organizations spend more time on compliance than they do on running their businesses! 

9. Overcoming the dev versus ops mentality

One of the major challenges facing any organization is overcoming the dev versus ops mentality. To do this, you need to find a way to bridge the gap between developers and operations staff. Getting them to communicate with each other more often will make both sides feel less isolated. This can be done by having regular meetings where they are both required to attend, or by integrating one into the other’s workflow. Developers can review production logs as they’re writing code, while operations staff can monitor the software that developers are working on. 

Another way to bridge this gap is for teams to work on two different aspects of an application: development and operations. A possible solution for overcoming the difference in mindset is for management to educate people about how important it is for everyone to work together without becoming territorial about their own jobs.

10. Resistance to Change

Resistance to change is a natural part of any change, which means that it’s not going to go away. The best way to combat resistance to change is by easing the transition through education and communication with your team. If you are making major changes to how you do things in order for them to work better. Educate yourself on what those changes will look like in action so you can be prepared for questions from your employees. 

If the resistance to change is coming from outside sources – like suppliers or clients – don’t give up! Educate these individuals on why these changes are important and how they will ultimately benefit them too.


DevOps has become the industry standard for IT operations, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. In fact, many companies are finding that implementing a true DevOps culture is more difficult than they anticipated. We’ve compiled 10 of the most common challenges faced by DevOps teams in order to provide you with some solutions you can use.

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